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Janal Lindner recommends ALL IN MTB


August 12  · If you’re just getting into mountain biking, a seasoned veteran, or anywhere in between, I wholeheartedly recommend ALL IN MTB to hone your skills. I was SO excited to have had the chance to attend one their clinics a couple weeks ago to review fundamentals! Great coaching, fun drills, and helpful feedback. Marlie’s positivity and passion for mountain biking is contagious!!

Tricia Norris recommends ALL IN MTB

August 7 · Definitely one of the most enjoyable days…a women’s mtb fundamentals with ALL IN MTB! Marlie was awesome to learn from and encouraging. It helped validate things I knew and taught me a ton I didn’t know. Track stands, braking, cornering, body position, bike-body separation, maintenance/set up, and wheel lifts! I’m excited to keep practicing and riding more informed and intentional = safer!


Sharon MacLean Leary recommends ALL IN MTB

July 20 · Fantastic experience, Marlie really knows how to break a skill down that ANYONE can learn. She’ll figure out what resonates with you and let’s you set the pace… because we all learn at a different pace.  I’ve had private and a group session and cannot wait for my next one!!!!

Laura Ingles shared a post.

July 4   · I did a three-hour private clinic with ALL IN MTB at Pocahontas State Park, and it was worth every penny. A year and a half into this sport I'd never gotten any formal coaching, and the personalized session with Marlie was exactly what I needed. She has a way of patiently, clearly breaking down the fundamentals into progressive steps that logically and tangibly translate to the trail. I've already seen a difference in my riding and I will absolutely sign up for another clinic!

Kateri Simon shared a post.


November 12 ·  Thank you @allinmtb for showing me PRECISELY what I need to work on! (jump timing, straightening up, putting the bike down) Lots to practice and so happy to finally have had this type of 1 on 1 coaching to learn safe, happy and sendy air time! I cannot thank you enough, Marlie! My bike also thanks you for letting her fly free!

Sheila Sebastian Powers shared a post.

October 3   · For those new to mountain biking or want to improve your skills, then reach out to Marlie with ALL IN MTB! She is the most patient and experienced coach ever! She gave the 4 of us so much more knowledge, skills and CONFIDENCE on our bikes! I’ve been biking for years and never really did more than just pedal and roll over teeny tiny stuff. Now I have the skills and confidence to attempt skinnies, log piles, wheel lifts, actually lean the bike while cornering and so much more! She uses effective techniques and has the best terms to help you remember stuff too like load and explode, pedal punches, strong arms, etc! Notice how I mentioned attempt. Our clinic wasn’t to KILL these technical features, the clinic was to learn how to approach safely and also most importantly, how to bail properly! Hurry up and sign up before she gets too busy or gets too cold or you punch yourself in the face later because you wish you had! You won’t regret it! Don’t be like me and waste years! Mountain biking could be much much more fun! If you are having fun now, imagine how much more fun you could be having?

Heather Lowe Smith recommends ALL IN MTB

September 23  · Marlie is an amazing, supportive coach.  She put together a program that allowed all four of us to work on the skills we wanted to, and to put them into practice.  I feel more confident on the bike and learning some bike maintenance skills was a plus!  I highly recommend All In MTB for anyone looking to improve their current skills, or learn new ones.  I'd you are looking for some coaching, get in touch with All In MTB.

Bobbi Janice recommends ALL IN MTB

August 10  · Marlie is one of those people who can break things down so things make sense. She is really a true teacher who knows her craft. Marlie is able to pinpoint how a technique on the bike is suppose to happen. Because of this, when Marlie demonstrates the technique, a person is able to comprehend what they are looking at, and then try for themselves. Her teaching method gives encouragement so one is able to believe in themselves and progress forward. Another impressive element was that Marlie gave me some riding techniques to practice that will help me understand myself,  and how the bike works. Lastly, Marlie is so thorough that she has videos,  pictures and a write up to conclude the lesson.  I am giving ALL IN MTB 5 stars

Amy Diepold Black recommends ALL IN MTB

August 2  · I had such a great experience with Marlie in my first coaching session, I had to book a second!  I was referred to Marlie by a friend and was looking for someone to help with my technical skills (lack of) and confidence.  Marlie made me feel comfortable right away, she was not intimidating and was very friendly.  She helped me with balance, bike handling skills and learning the basics.  She was extremely patient with me and was willing to repeat drills until I felt comfortable, even if it took longer than expected.  She’s able to explain how to do things in a way that is easy to understand and she is also able to demonstrate the skills she is teaching.  She’s a great cheerleader and made me feel like a rockstar!  My confidence is so much better and because of Marlie’s coaching I have been able to conquer fears and tackle a couple of obstacles that seemed unattainable just the day before my lesson.  I highly recommend All In MTB and can’t wait for my next session!

Erin Ferer Tyler recommends ALL IN MTB

August 19  · Marlie’s passion for mountain biking and coaching others to ride better, shines through every time she’s on the bike. The trust I gained riding with Marlie gave me the confidence I needed to take my riding to the next level. She understood my capabilities enough to push me outside of my comfort level, but not beyond my skill level. Her focused attention and unwavering support got me to overcome fears and ride features that I could not overcome and conquer on my own or with other riders. As a woman, having another confident understanding woman support me, was exactly what I needed! Thank you Marlie, I never would have hit those gap jumps without you!

Sue Avau Edwards recommends ALL IN MTB

August 2  · I can't say enough good things about ALL IN MTB.  Marlie is an AMAZING coach!  I'd been on a mountain bike a total of 6 times before my private clinic, and I walked away feeling so comfortable and confident and excited about MTB.  Marlie is a phenomenal rider and she breaks down learning new skills into easy, achievable steps.  She celebrates your victories along the way - an awesome experience!   I'll definitely be doing more clinics in the future for myself and my family.

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