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Prepare For Your Session

What should I bring to my session?

  • Please make sure you've filled out your Rider Assessment Form and Liability Waiver.

  • Helmet

    • There's no question and no exceptions - a helmet will save your day, your game, your future. Required for all participants.

  • Hydration Pack/Water

    • Our reprieve! We don't always know when we'll come across a water fountain or water access so fill 'er up!

  • Gloves

    • Gloves are not required but highly recommended. They offer grip and control and most importantly prevent blisters.

  • Footwear

    • Clipped in or flats? That is the question! Either way, please make sure you are in close-toed shoes. Unsure of what to wear? We HIGHLY recommend flats!

  • Snacks

    • Snacks are the jelly to our peanut butter! No better pick-me-up than a solid bar, or sugary fruit roll-up treat! We always pack some extras too!

  • Knee/Elbow Pads

    • Safety First! Pads aren't required but they certainly help protect us and some may even say they give us the extra oomph to help us fly! Elbow and knee pads recommended.



Whether they’re clipless or flats, the choice is yours. We want you to be comfortable but do recommend flats if you have them as they will  help you truly feel at one with the bike and efficiently gain skills (and bail)!

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